Need Activity Ideas?

Many generations will be gathering for your reunion, so it’s great to consider in advance what might be great for the various ages and personalities that will be gathering.

Some ideas that would include everyone are a great place to start. You don’t always need to go to an expensive attraction or amusement, why not personalize activities and get people involved in planning them. Some great games to play as a group may be Group Charades, Bingo and Trivia.

Plan a worship service and a memorial to those who are not with you. These types of personal celebrations can be impactful for all ages. What are favorite Bible Verses and Hymns of the elders in your group? Do the children know fun new songs from Sunday School or Bible Camp? Remembering those who have gone on before is always a great way for the younger generation to know and remember the older one.

Group Social Marketing. Document your reunion with a group Facebook page where everyone is allowed to share and post photographs and special times help during your reunion.

Have an eating contest! Does your family have favorite foods? An example might be a family from Iowa who brings Iowa Sweet Corn to the reunion each year wherever it is held. There is a corn eating contest one evening where prizes are awarded. What a sweet way for a family to connect.

Photo contests can be fun, puzzles are often a hit, UNO is one of the more thrifty forms of fun family competition. Be creative, be thrifty and have some fun at your reunion!