Budgeting for Your Tennessee Reunion

As you begin to plan your family or military reunion, you will know you have costs that are best estimated and controlled with a reunion budget. We will provide some tips on planning for your budget in hopes it helps your reunion get off to an awesome start!

#1. Understand the basics to begin planning. You will want an approximate date of the reunion, rates change with seasons, an approximate number of people attending the reunion, and approximately how many days the reunion will last. Once you know these things you will know the size of Chalet Village Luxury Reunion Cabin you will need and we can give rates based on the season you are planning to gather.

#2 Loding will be your first expense, other “macro” expenses will include food costs, in the cabin and any catering or special services, along with any special services like a photographer.

#3 Add budget for “micro” expenses such as Decorations, Games, Prizes, Paper and Cleaning Items, other essentials.

#4 Consider an activity or two that the whole group will participate in and what costs might be associated. Reunions can be kept low budget with Uno challenges in our beautiful cabins! Play Bingo and Trivia, Puzzle Challenges and more.

#5 Determine a cost per member of the reunion. It may be better to have a cost per family. When choosing your cabin we can help you with the many dynamics that make up a family. Some family members may need bunk beds while others need special arrangements. Our reservation team is trained to help you choose the best cabin for your reunion.

Family Reunion Cabin Tennessee